11.5ton Diesel Forklift(FD115)
11.5ton Diesel Forklift(FD115)
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Standard equipments:
Wide view mast,Cyclone air cleaner,Load one-way value,Preheat indictor,King Pin,Engine-start switch,Standard backrest,Long-life tires,Overhead guard,Oil and water separator,Power steering,Adjustable steering column,Radiator water tank,Side roller,Standard carriage.Oil temperature cooler,Headlamp and steering indicator lamp,Charge indicator lamp,Hour meter,Oil warning light of engine.Water temperature guage,Fuel gauge,Reversing light,Electric horn,Neutral-safety switch,Rear mirrir,Tools,Reversing Buzzer,General seat.

Fire extingulsher,cab,Heater unit,Rear work light,Solid tires,Fireproof sliencer,Upper exhaust pipe,Tilt cylinder jacket,Rotating warning light,LPG conversion device,Pre-filtration air intake device.

Side shifter,Fork positioner,Carpet boom,Fork extension,Longer forks,Clamps,Others.

1.Cleaner,more efficient engines
2.Esay maintenance
3.Easier entry and exit form an extra-wide step
11.5t conter-balabced forklift Technical Parameter

Technical project
Type Model FD115
Mast VM300
Fork length mm 1220
Performance load capacity kg 11500
Load center mm 600
Max. lifting height mm 3000
Free lift mm 205
Tilt range(/back) deg 6°/12°
Lifting no load mm/s 390
full load mm/s 370
lowering no load mm/s 310
full load mm/s 450
Travelling front/rear(full load) km/h 24
front/rear(no load) km/h 28
Gradeabillty no load % 20
full load % 24
Min.turning radius mm 4100
Tires Number front/rear 4/2
Size front 9.00×20-14PR
rear 9.00×20-14PR
Demensions Overall length(without fork) mm 4455
Total width mm 2245
Height of head guard mm 2560
Overall height(Mast lowering) mm 2850
Wheelbase mm 3000
Tread front mm 1600
rear mm 1700
Ground clearence(Mast) mm 245
weight kg 13250
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